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About This File

Прошивки для Samsung i8910 (Symbian OS), единый архив:
i8910XEIF4, I8910SERIF4_Russia_western06 - 2009-Jun
i8910XEIG2, I8910SEBIG1_Latvia_western06 - 2009-Jul
i8910XEIH1, I8910SEKIH1_Ukraine_western06 - 2009-Aug
i8910XEII1, I8910SERII2_Russia_western06 - 2009-Sep
i8910XEJA1, I8910SERJA1_Russia_western06 - 2010-Jan
i8910XEJB1, I8910SERJB1_Russia_western06 - 2010-Feb
i8910XEJB1, I8910SERJB2_Russia_western06 - 2010-Feb
i8910XEJD1, I8910SERJD1_Russia_western06 - 2010-Apr

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